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You can contact us:

Either via the cell: +359 88 9695 333

Or at out address: region of Sliven, municipality of Kotel, village of Zheravna
The easiest way would by to arrive by helicopter.
But if you do not have a helicopter, take your car. From Sofia, it is not a short distance - 360 kilometres but it is worth crossing it. It is way better at 229 kilometres from Plovdiv, from Varna – at 185. For the comers from Veliko Tarnovo or from Burgas the trip is shorter – 120 km for the boyars and 110 km only for the others. Excuse us if we omitted your town, it was unintentional.

You could also check with ‘google’ and find us on the map.

For those who like modern gadgets, here are our coordinates - so that they don't wonder which road to take. GPS coordinates here.

The modern mail:

Reservations are accepted with the advance payment of at least one night. “ECOTOUR” Ltd

Bank: Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
IBAN: BG 50 RZBB 9155 10 322302 01
Fax: (+359 2) 971 00 77
(not that we have some doubts, but...)

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