Guest house in Zheravna

A nice country side.
What one calls nature and houses.


Zheravna is the biggest architectural reserve in Bulgaria and is among the “One hundred tourist national sites”. There are more than 200 preserved houses from the National Revival period (each of them listed as a monument of culture). Certain houses are more than 300 years old. The village of Zheravna is a miracle created by the Bulgarian master builders. Most of the properties are examples of unique artistic architecture. From spiritual and educational point of view Zheravna has constituted an important cultural centre for the whole region. The Hilendar monastery has even created a women monastery here, which exists until the present day. This monastery is situated close to the church.

Zheravna is renown for its fountains and for the many sources around. The names of some of the fountains are Krintcha, Startcha, Zaykovka.

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