Аbout the Festival

The good old times with the good dishes,
drinks and with nice women in folk costumes


The biggest private folk ensemble in Europe, the Balgare ensemble has organized together with the Association for Zheravna a unique popular reunion. The ambitions of the Festival of the folk costumes are to create an authentic atmosphere away from civilisation, mobile phones and city dynamics.

This year the Festival will be international. Folk ensembles from the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland and from other European countries have announced their participation. Traditionally the Festival takes place during the third week of August (21st, 22nd and 23rd August)

The event unfolds around the European authenticity measure Bona fide® having the ambition to recreate the authentic crafts, the tourist and other attractions related to the traditional Bulgarian customs under the slogan “the good old times”.

As one of the most important and well preserved Bulgarian architectural reserves, Zheravna, hosts its guests with the songs and dances of the different regions, with 100 bagpipes, with clarinets from the region of Petrich, fire dances, mummers from all over the country as well as with crafts and traditional dishes that everyone can taste.

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