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At the basement the café is open for every one in the day time. As in the old times now again one can sip real coffee from Tsarigrad (Mehmed Efendi®), add sugar to one’s mood with a piece of baklava or tolumba or another candy made by the hostess of the house. At dusk, according to her preferences or following the orders of those who stay, we cook tasty dishes. The guests may, on their own, grill on the charcoals of the fireplace juicy meat or fresh vegetables. There is enough place near the fire to have lunch or dinner in a cosy environment and even to have a party with or without a special occasion.

The wines are from the best selection and the brandy is blessed and distilled twice at the Preobrajene Monastery near Tarnovo. After having started, you are never willing to stop...

You can enjoy the coffee and the other specialties and even read your favourite book while lying or sitting à la turque in the secluded kiosk. The conditions are there also for those who like to spend their time by plaing Backgammon or cards. There is nargile even for the connoisseurs.

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