For the accommodation

For a couple of copper coins ...
as of the exchange rate for the day


Upstairs, on the floor you can sleep on typical low sofas in the small rooms (odayas) and in the bigger rooms (sobas) that each has a bathroom.

So many amenities at a moderate price :
 The small rooms for two clients cost 60 coins. 
 For a single client the price is only 45 coins. 
 The bigger rooms for four clients cost 120 coins.
 For two clients the price is only 70

 * For children aged 6 to 12 only 10coins

There is in total place for at least 12 people for the sofas are larger than them beds in the town. There are also small beds for the kids.

Let us not joke when we talk about money
All the prices are in BGN with 20% VAT and obligatory tourist tax included

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