the Guest house – The café of Dimcho Kehaya

The house with open doors
shining like the sun


We have restored the house completely as it used to be before, the cafe of Dimcho, the most renowned shepherd in the vicinity. In those times in the summer of 1850 master builders from the region of Koprivstitza and Filibe were hired for them construction works. There was not another house like this one – quite tall, with stone walls coated with oak and plastered above.

As I mentioned, it used to be a good house but it happened that it burnt some time ago
But the plan of the house was not there and was preserved.
Following this plan we launched the construction works. Stone above stone, plank above plank, we built it as our fathers and grand fathers used to build. But today’s fashion is quite different. From everything that we preserved we decided to change the toilets to provide more comfort.

And here again we have the house dominating the village, white and splendid as it used to be.
The spirit of Dimcho was like brought to life again for the common joy of all, local people and strangers.

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